Episode 93

We have a very engaging conversation with the founder of if-me.org, Julia Nguyen. Don’t miss this one!

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  1. Tamara

    I learned something while listening to this podcast…I now know what imposter syndrome is. The guest nor the hosts elaborated on it, so I had to go look it up. Boy! I was surprised by what I found out. I did not know a lot of college minority students suffer from imposter syndrome. Myself, I am African-American, so I had to think if I have ever had any emotions associated with imposter syndrome.
    On the other hand, I got very lost in the computer technical jargon. I do not understand computer science, and there were parts of the conversation that focused specifically on the academic structure of the computer science career.
    Lastly, I noticed that the guest question hostess, Scarlett, about the terminology she was using during the conversation (particularly “OCD” and “crazy”). I like how Scarlett was able to articulate for the audience why she was using these terms and the context of using these terms. This is excellent public speaking! The other hosts did a wonderful job of asking the guest relevant questions. Keep up the good work!

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