About Us

So a couple dorks decided to press “record”…

Our podcast is literally just us having a candid conversation. We don’t want to limit it to specific format/topics, so we leave it pretty open-ended, although it usually veers to the nerdy (cuz that’s who we are). We wanted to create a podcast that reflected a more real conversation.


I am a polyamorous, spiritual, free-thinking intelligent woman who possesses a wicked sense of humor and struggles with mental and physical health issues. I am passionate about social injustices, especially those that affect women (i.e. every issue on the planet). I live hard, work harder & love hardest. I have a degree in Sociology and in Criminal Justice (which only says I have book smarts; it says nothing of my lack of common sense at times). I am a survivor – and I advocate for all women, to help them have a voice as they transform from “victim” to the beautiful survivor they all aspire to become. Most of all, I am human, with many flaws: I am opinionated, stubborn and I have no filter. I just tell you what is on my mind, and sometimes without uttering a word. Even so, what you see is what you get. In short, I am just me, and as the song goes, take me or leave me.


I’m a newly-realized polymath, I have interests & skills in different areas. I love to camp-out at 4-day long festivals and very much a Deadhead. I really dig hockey, both as a spectator & a (non-professional) player. I’m really interested in electronics & open-source technology. I’m also a cosplayer & really enjoy the process of designing a costume and putting it all together. Personality-wise, I’m very much a socially-awkward introvert and would much rather hangout at home with close friends than go out. I get the same amount of glee from sewing that I do from programming an Arduino board (that works) or watching Doctor Who.
All of these come to play in some form/fashion at some point in the podcast


A native of the Mile High City (and long before “High” had quotation marks around it), Matthew frequently made guest appearances on HOV Podcast before joining Ryan and Scarlet full-time in early 2017. A self-proclaimed creative genius with an eye for the written word, and armed with a B.A. in English that he is still paying off, Matthew has self-produced several works of microfiction and poetry through the magic of social media. While he could happily spend all day silently correcting grammar mistakes discovered across the Web, he’d much rather be out riding his bicycle, following The Doctor on his next journey in the TARDIS, or indulging himself in a spirited bid to break some high scores at his favorite local arcade hangout. If you can’t find him doing any of those things, chances are he’s at Pepsi Center cheering on his hometown Colorado Avalanche and gathering story ideas for his latest articles for Burgundy Rainbow, of which Matthew became a staff writer in July 2017. Don’t worry, Matthew takes himself far too seriously so you don’t have to.
He can be found @matthewscribbles on Instagram.